Street Parking

There is metered parking on the streets directly in front of the hostel from 7AM - 6:30PM for $2 hours Monday - Saturday. After 6:30PM, parking in front of the hostel is free. But you MUST move by 7AM the next morning or you will face the wrath of the overzealous meter maids. *Be Aware* Parking is first come, first serve. As this area is very busy during the evening hours, finding street parking can be challenging.

Public Parking Garage -

Colonial Parking

There is a 24-hour public parking garage right across the street from the hostel at 2421 18th Street NW that charges $20/day and $15/day if you park before 8AM. On the weekends, it is $3 more to park overnight. This would be the easiest option if you're staying more than just one night.

Like street parking, the overnight rate ends at 7AM sharp. Therefore, if you park overnight, after 7AM the garage starts charging by the hour again. If you do not want to pay extra, you'll have to move your car before 7AM to avoid paying more than the overnight rate.  (We agree -- it's annoying the garage operates that way, but we wanted to make sure it's clear here). 

On the plus side, the parking garage is only about 100 meters away from the hostel -- it's very close!! 

*Note: Motorcycles are not allowed in this parking garage per their rules*

Park and Ride

Alternatively, you could leave your car at one of four suburban Metro stations and take the train into the city (this option will be cheaper - $5/day). Multi-day parking is available at four Metro Stations in the DC-area: Franconia-Springfield (Northern Virginia), Greenbelt (Maryland), Huntington (Northern Virginia), and Wiehle-Reston East (Northern Virginia). Each of these stations has between 15 and 17 spaces allocated for multi-day use of up to 10 days. Availability is on first-come, first-served basis. 

Check WMATA's website for daily rates as they vary by station here

If you need a space for motorcycle parking, we recommend trying to either:

(1) find street parking between two cars.  You'll be able to park on the street, subject to the parking regulations posted on the signs themselves that are on whichever street you park on.

(2) park in one of the specially designated motorcycle parking spots located on 18th street in front of the restaurants (near the cafe called Pizza Mart, which has an address of the spots for motorcycles only, and you can park for up to 12 hours at a time.  The meters for the motorcycles cost only $0.25 per hour.