View of the exterior of the hostel.

View of the exterior of the hostel.


Information on accessibility

This page has information on accessibility of he property:

  1. Entrance to the property: The facility entrance is located on Belmont Road NW and climbing stairs is required to enter the facility. There is no ramp. There is no lift.

  2. No elevator inside. There are stairs inside: The facility does not have an elevator. Once inside the facility, the use of stairs is required to reach all floors either up or down from the lobby level.

  3. Accessible restrooms - An accessible restroom is located on the lobby level of the facility. The bathroom has a roll in shower with grab bars. The shower has a fold down seat in it.

  4. Accessible rooms - A four-bed multi-bed shared style room is available on the lobby level. The room is mixed-gender. The room has four beds total arranged as bunk beds. The room does not have any in-room communication features. The room does not have a bathroom in the room however a bathroom is located down the hallway from the room. A larger bathroom with a roll in shower is located in the lobby approximately 30 feet from the room.

Please read our Website Accessibility Statement which describes our efforts to ensure website accessibility and provides contact information for feedback, or to report any accessibility issues. Website Accessibility Statement