The rally will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday, January 21st at the intersection of Independence Avenue and Third Street Southwest. 

The Women's March is not a ticketed event, so you will not be required to present a ticket to attend.  You are, however, requested to register here in order to give the organizers an estimate as to how many attendees there will be. 


The city will be packed this weekend for the Inauguration and the Women's March, so please expect a fair amount of traffic and waiting time, regardless of how you plan to get to the March.

Driving is not recommended.  Parking will be limited and there will be road closures so visitors are recommended to walk, bike, and use the Metro. 


While the metro system will be opening early and closing late on Inauguration Day, it will be running on a regular Saturday schedule on the day of the Women's March.  Metro stations will open at 7AM and close at midnight, with trains running approximately every twelve minutes during the day and every fifteen to twenty minutes after 9:30.  There will likely be large crowds in the city metro stations, and you may have to wait for multiple full trains to pass before being able to board. 

If you're planning on riding metro, it's recommended to purchase your SmarTrip card before January 20th, if possible, to avoid long lines at the metro stations.  You can buy them at all metro stations or at the CVS closest to the hostel.  

There are two routes to the starting point of the rally by metro.  You can walk to the U-Street MetroStation, which is a twenty minute walk from the hostel.  You'll walk down 18th Street and make a left at Florida Avenue, and then a slight right onto U Street.  From the U Street Station you can take either the Yellow line towards Franconia-Springfield or the Green line towards Branch Avenue.  You will get off at L'Enfant Plaza.  From there you'll walk up 7th Street SW towards Virginia Avenue SW. Make a right on Maryland Avenue SW.   Make a right on Independence Avenue SW and walk up to 3rd Street SW.  

Alternatively, you can walk to the Dupont Circle Metro Station.  Make a right outside of the hostel, and a right on 18th Street NW.  Make a left on Florida Avenue and a right on Connecticut Avenue.  From Dupont Circle take the Red line towards Glenmont.  Get off at the Judiciary Square Metro Station.   From there you make a left on Indiana Avenue and a right on 3rd Street NW.  You'll walk past the Capitol Building, and then reach Independence Avenue and 3rd Street SW.  

If you don't mind the bus, you can always take the 42 or L2 BUS down to McPherson Square and walk down from there to the meeting point. 


The hostel is about a three mile walk from the starting point of the rally.  However, if the weather is pleasant and you don't mind a hike, it might be the smoothest option.  It will take approximately one hour to walk. Full directions are below:

Make a right outside of the hostel. 

Turn right on 18th Street NW.  

Make a left onto Connecticut Avenue.

Turn right on 17th Street NW. 

Turn left on Pennsylvania Street NW. 

Turn right on 15th Street NW.

Turn left on E Street NW. 

E Street will turn into Pennsylvania Avenue.

Make a right on 3rd Street SW. 


While you're welcome to ride bikes to the March, they are not allowed inside the rally space, and the March organizer's do not currently have a place for the bikes to be parked legally.  You can use Capital BikeShare, a system that allows you to rent a bike and return it to a station in a different part of the city.  A 24 hour membership will cost $8, and single trips that last less than 30 minutes are $2.  Please note that there is no guarantee that the stations close to the March will have available spaces to return the bikes, and you will be charged until you've returned the bike to a station.  

SAFETy and rules

All backpacks and bags brought to the March are subject to search, and those that do not conform to the standards laid out by March organizers will be confiscated.  

Backpacks are not permitted unless they are clear and no larger than 17" x 12" x 6".

Bags/totes/purses should be no larger than 8" x 6" x 4"

One backpack per group, as long as they obey the above guidelines. 

Canes, walking sticks, walkers and portable seats are allowed.

Bring nothing that can be construed as a weapon, which includes signage that has a handle (wooden stick.) 

Folding chairs are not permitted!

The organizers are not expecting any civil disobedience or violence at the March, so please be safe and have fun!