public transport

Price: $3  

Time: 45 - 1 hour

Take the YELLOW LINE from DCA towards GREENBELT

  • Get off at 13th and U Metro Station 
  • You will need a SmarTrip Card
  • It will be 9 stops! 

Cross the street and take the 96 BUS towards TENLEYTOWN

  • Get off at 18th Street and Belmont Road
  • Cross the street and we will be right around the corner from the Nail Salon

Alternatively, WALK to 1804 Belmont Road NW from METRO

  • Take a left onto U Street and walk straight for 10 minutes
    • The street numbers should go up. If not, walk the other direction
  • Take a right onto 18th Street 
    • Tip: You'll see Florida Ave right before (its a diagonal street) 
  • Walk up the Hill until you see Belmont Road and take a left


share riding



Price: $15 - 30 

Time: Approx 1 hour

You can always take a shared van service which costs about $15 for one passenger. The Company already calculates your pick-up time and drops you off right here at 1804 Belmont Road NW. 

**You should book 12 hours + ahead! 

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Price: Uber X $18 - 30,   UberPOOL: ~$10 

Time: 20 - 50 minutes 

If you give yourself enough time, car pooling can give you the cheapest rates! But take into consideration some traffic! 

If you don't want to carpool/share, you can always take an UberX to DCA. 

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Price: Approx $25

Time: 20 - 50 min.

Taxis are also an option for you at Reagan Airport! Note that rush hour will take longer!