Q. When can I check in?

          A. Check-in officially starts at 4PM EST. But if you want to drop off your bags before check-in, our friendly Staff can help you with your belongings. 

Q. Can I arrive in the midnight? And how late can I check in? 

A. Yes! We have a 24-hour Front Desk, so late arrivals are no problem. If you are arriving after midnight, it is helpful to let us know your Estimated Time of Arrival so that we can be prepared for you. We also strictly enforce quiet hours from 12AM to 8AM in both the rooms and the lobby. Be cognizant of roommates when you do check in later in the night. 

Q. What do I need for check-in?

          A. Valid, Official Government Photo ID and valid credit or debit card for incidentals. In lieu of a credit card, a $100 cash deposit can be held. Without these things, we cannot check you in. 

Q. What do you mean by Valid, Official Government ID? 

          A. We require a non-expired government issued identification with proof of address and photo identification (e.g. foreign passports, Driver's License, State Identification Cards). We don't take other forms of identification (e.g. Student IDs, Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, Bills, Expired passports). Note to U.S. passport holders that we require another form of identification. 

Q. When do I need to check-out?

          A. Check-out is before 11AM to avoid a $15 fee for late check out until 1PM. If check out after 1PM, $45 total fee is incurred. 

Q. Do you accommodate late check outs? 

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate late check outs. Guests who stay past our 11AM check out time will be assessed a $15 fee; staying past 1PM is a $45 fee. 

Q. What is the cancellation policy? 

A. We have two different types of bookings. If you have booked a standard-flexible reservation, you may cancel up to 4PM EST the day before you check-in date. Any cancellations made after 4PM EST on the day prior to arrival will incur a cancellation fee equal to the first night plus tax. Please note, cancellation policy does not apply to special non-refundable reservations. If your reservation was booked as a non-refundable reservation, then it is non-refundable. Full payment is required at the time of booking, and this amount is non-refundable. Non-refundable reservations cannot be altered or cancelled free of charge. Same-Day reservations still apply to our standard cancellation fee of the first night plus tax in the event that you are a no-show or need to cancel.

Q. Can I change my booking? 

A. Yes, although how to change depends on how you booked. If you booked directly with us through our website, just give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist. If you booked through a third-party service like HostelWorld or Booking.com, you will need to make any changes to your booking through them, as they are effectively your "travel agent". Please note, non-refundable rates do not apply to any changes.

Q. What is your deposit policy?

A. Payment in full is required at the time of check-in, if not already provided. Please read cancellation policies and fees above.

Q. How long can I stay at the hostel? 

A. The maximum stay at the HighRoad is 14 nights in a 90-day period. 

Q. Do you provide breakfast?

A. YES, WE DO! We serve 3 types of cereal (like Raisin Bran, Honey Nut Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Shredded Wheat No Sugar), white and wheat bread, 3 variety of oatmeal, cookies, Citrus and Mango Juice Drinks, and Milk. 

Q. What time is breakfast? 

A. Breakfast is served from 6:30AM to 10:00AM. But don't fret!!! Coffee and tea are provided 24/7! 

Q. Do you hold luggage after check out?

A. We can hold it until midnight on the day you check out. If you want to leave the luggage here overnight, it is a $5 fee per bag. 

Q. Can I send packages and letters here? 

A. Definitely! Just make sure you write your First and Last name on the package so we can email you once it arrives. 

Q. How old must I be to reserve a room at the HighRoad?

A. Guests must be 18 years old to book a room. Minors need to be older than 14 and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must book a private room. 

Q. Where is HighRoad Hostel DC located?

A. We are located in the heart of Adams Morgan at 1804 Belmont Road NW. If you need assistance with how to get here, check out our Locations page

Q. Are you close to the White House? 

A. We are conveniently located on three bus lines (42, L2, Circulator) that can take you within a 5 minute walking distance to the White House. Call us and tap into any of our Front Desk staff's encyclopedic knowledge and unabashed enthusiasm for our hometown, whether you want to know how to get to the mall or the best local spots to eat. 

Q. Does HighRoad provide parking?

A. None of the hostels in D.C. actually owns a parking lot. However, we do have several parking options! Click here to learn more about parking in D.C.  

Q. Does HighRoad provide lockers and padlock? 

A. We do! Each guest is provided a 13x13 locker to use in their room. If you forget your padlock, you can purchase a brand new lock from us for $5!

Q. Can I request a bottom bunk? 

A. You can definitely request a bottom bunk for your stay; however, we cannot guarantee you will receive a bottom bunk. Because things are subject to change at the time of check-in, we cannot guarantee but will do our absolute best to ensure you can have a bottom bunk for all or part of your stay. 

Q. It's my first time in a hostel. What is it like in a shared room? 

A. At check-in, one of our team members will assign you a bunk and a corresponding locker number. Bathrooms will be shared among other guests on each floor. But, we have professional housekeepers and a 24-hour reception desk to help you at any point of your stay with us! 

Q. I am a DC/MD/VA resident. Can I stay at the HighRoad? 

          A. Unfortunately, DC, MD, or VA residents within a 90 Mile Radius from the hostel are not permitted to stay. 

Q. Does the HighRoad have free wifi? 

          A. Of course we do! 

Q. What kind of activities and events are available at the HighRoad? 

          A. At the HighRoad, we are more than just a place to sleep! We have events every day from Family Pasta Night to Movie Marathons (although you'll find that many of our events involve food). Make sure to check out our blog for events around the city! 

Q. Is there a guest kitchen? Am I able to bring groceries?           

          A. We are decked out with a real Italian Carrara Kitchen marble island, stainless steel appliances, and all the cookware you could find that lets you hang out and cook some meals like a true Iron Chef. So yes, we have an amazing kitchen and you are definitely allowed to bring groceries - we encourage it! 

Q. Can we drink at the HighRoad? 

          A. As long as you are over the age of 21, you can drink anywhere in the 1st floor community space. No beer, wine, or liquor consumed on the premises or outside after 11PM. There are many bars on the street open past then! 

Q. Can I be sure that all of my friends stay in the same room? 

A. Although we cannot make any guarantees, we will absolutely do our best to keep you all together! Just be sure to let us know who is in your group so we can try to put you all in the same room. 

Q. Can I gain access to the hostel at night? 

A. Every guest receives a keycard, which grants entry to the hostel after the door locks at night. In the event that you lose your keycard, just ring the doorbell and our staff will be happy to let you in. 

Q. How do I get to the  hostel from airport/train station/?

A. It is easy to get to the HighRoad using D.C.’s public transportation! Please see the “Location” section of our website for our recommended transportation options from nearby airports and stations.

Q. What are some of the amenities that you provide?

A. Where do we begin? We are happy to provide breakfast (from 6:30-10AM every morning), iron and ironing board, Wifi, coffee and tea, linens, basic toiletries, earplugs and eye masks, and much more!

Q. How does laundry work?

A. Our on-site laundry is available to all guests. It costs $2 to wash and $2 to dry, and we additionally sell laundry soap for $1.

Q. How does the transportation system work in D.C.?

A. D.C. has a variety of public transportation options! We recommend the bus system, with several stops near the HighRoad that go to all corners of the city. We are also a short walk away from four Metro stops. If you plan on using public transportation here, we suggest buying a Metro SmarTrip card, which grants access to all of D.C.’s public transit.

Q. Does your hostel accept pets?

A.  Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pets.

Q. Can I bring in guests who are not staying in the hostel?  

A. Due to limited space and for the safety of our guests, we asks that guests remain outside of the hostel. Fortunately, the neighborhood has many great places for you to hang out with friends who are not staying at the HighRoad!




If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to call us or email us! We are always happy to help 24/7.